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Aki Wong / Yoga Instructor Hatha Vinyasa (RYT200)

(Photo by Ysay Kemonogi)

(ENGLISH follows Japanese)

香港から来たAki Wongちゃんは、全米ヨガアライアンスRYT200を修了の実力派ヨガインストラクター。筋トレのような効果で美しい体と心を作るハダヴィンヤサヨガを専門に、プロとして活躍。


また2021年からはヨガのYouTubeチャンネルを開設し、無料のヨガレッスンを提供。AIDAIDヨガページからいつでもアクセスできます。 詳細はのページで詳しく紹介しています。

・迷子と捨てハリネズミ救済ネット Save the Hedgehogs:


AID+Aki Wong チャリティYOGA WS 2018
AID +Aki Wong Yoga Project 2018 (6 lessons)
AID +Aki Wong Yoga Project 2019
AID +Aki Wong Yoga Project 2020

Update / Apr.2021

(Photo from Aki Wong)




以前より動物の保護活動に興味があり、香港でもハリネズミ保護のボランティア団体HedgieHomie(ヘッジホーミー)のチャリティー・ヨガレッスンを担当し、捨てられたハリネズミの医療費寄付に協力していましたが、AIDに参加し、コラボレーターとして、動物保護に対する自分の使命をさらに痛感しています。 これからも皆様としっかり協力して、動物たちを支えながら生きて行きたいと思います。

Aki Wong / Yoga Instructor Hatha Vinyasa (RYT200)

Aki Wong is a RYT200 Yoga Instructor in Hatha Vinyasayoga from Hong Kong. “Hatha” is the body movement balancing the sun (ha) and the moon (tha) inside your body, along with deepened breath-in and breath-out,allowing the non-stop circulation of energy within. “Vinyasa” is the flow from poses to poses linked with comfortable breaths. She is passionate and enthusiastic tospread out the joy and benefit from yoga. One would notice her lessons are aiming to increase the strength and flexibility, and to improve breathing and quiet mind. Her moto is “We practice yoga together and we laugh (a lot)together”.

Aki get to know AID though her classmate Sonia R., who is one of our event coordinators, in Japanese language school. When she is still studying RYT200, she has been thinking of supporting the animals in needs through yoga and now here we have Aki with us as our AID event coordinators.

Meanwhile, apart from hosting yoga lessons to raise fund for AID, she is also a regular volunteer of “HedgieHomie” - a group of few volunteers working together to support the rescue work of abandoned hedgehogs in her hometown. Coordinate with her teacher and various parties, she hosts charity lessons in HK to raise fund in supporting the medical expenses of abandoned hedgehogs until their health condition is good to new homes.

“May we work together to save more animals suffering in the dark.”, Aki.

2016年開始修練瑜珈,於香港遇上資深瑜珈老師陳老師後愛上Hatha Vinyasa哈達流動瑜珈。課堂中注重一呼一吸為身體帶來能量,結合瑜珈的式子,提升專注力,強化體幹,讓你的身心享受專注後帶來的平靜及放鬆。Aki現居於日本東京,2018年於東京取得RYT200瑜珈導師資格,同年於東京阿佐ヶ谷開始教班。親身體會到「做瑜珈真係好開心」後,希望令到更多人ENJOY到做瑜珈的樂趣,一起笑住做瑜珈。

好榮幸能夠與Animals In the Dark合作藉此為有需要的動物籌募捐款,同時我是香港義工小組「給刺刺一個家」的義工,得到各方好友的支持,回港期間以義教為義工小組籌款,以支持照顧被遺棄刺蝟的醫療費用,直至為他們找到合適的家庭。


(Photo from Aki Wong)

Update / Jan.2019

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