Travel Article of Vietnam (Aug. 2000) --- 1/4

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I traveled Vietnam in August 2001, stayed there for 11 days. It was a short stay for me but I would like to write my travel experiences in Vietnam. The contents of Vietnam pages are,
1. CU CHI Tunnels and The Caodai Religion
2. Hoi An and My Son
3. Hue ; Dai Noi and Boat Trip
4. Hue ; DMZ Tour
5. Son My ( My Lai )
6. Transportation by Local Bus

The fright route was from Japan Kansai airport to Saigon. This was a round-trip. AS you know, Vietnam is a long country from north to south. It was not good idea to arrive in Saigon and to come back to Saigon to fly back to Japan. Besides, it would take long time to move by bus or by train. So I planed to fly from Saigon to the central Vietnam, and then I would go to south gradually.


1. CU CHI Tunnels and The Caodai Religion
On the following day of arriving in Saigon, I joined the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Caodai Religion tour operated by Saigon Tourist.

〔 Cu Chi Tunnels 〕

A entrance of a tunnel. We tour members tried to find a entrance of a tunnel, but we were not able to find anything. Only a slim person can enter the tunnel. There are other entrances for tourists.

A tank destroyed by a landmine. This is abandoned in Cu Chi forest.


〔 The Caodai Religion 〕

Caodaism, this new religion was founded in 1919. There are around 3 million followers in Vietnam. 仏教,儒教,道教,キリスト教,イスラム教をミックスした宗教らしい。サイゴンから北西に約100kmのタイニンに本部がある。ツアーはここを訪問し、礼拝を見学する。
Caodai Great Temple
The symbol of Caodaism, "Divine Eye"Caodai Prayers