Fragrant Apricot

Gently scented rose with almost indescribable sensitive apricot color -
which always look different in lights and time. (May 2006)

Sexy Rexy

An ex-symbol tree of my garden, standard rose-Sexy Rexy. I have chosen the rose because they said that it was Australian (rater I found that it was New Zealander - close, anyway).
Lovely cherry pink blooms which well matched with any flowers in the garden.
(May 2006)

Buff Beauty

@(May 2010)


This "super shy" rose is growing on very dark corner of the garden, behind raspberry bush.
Despite all those bad condition, she's doing pretty good.
She is a kind of my new favorite now, even almost difficult to see. (May 2010)


Angela is lovely rose with deep pink tiny flowers.
Though, famous as a VERY strong, disease resistant - massive bloom one.
If you are a fan of Palm series, you must be laughing now.
We got a girl-main character who has the same name, the same nature. (May 2010)


An amazing hardy disease resistant, landscape rose "Umilo"
- populer for it's gorgeous "floribunda like" blooms,
fantastic color and fragrance.@(May 2010)

Iceberg in the white garden

Jacqes Cartier

(May 2010)

Mme Isaac Pereie

(May 2010)

Souvenir du Dr. Jamain

A candidate for the new symbol tree of my garden.
A deep red, long-lasting shade tolerant rose. (May 2010)

Lavender Lassie

(June 2010)

Desprez a Fleurs Jaunes

Sorry! Hasn't bloomed yet.

Variegata di Bologna

(May 2010)

Gipsy Boy
Louise Odier (Below Right)

(May 2010)

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