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Flowers in the Garden

Haru - good old friend of mine and I occasionally shop for plants together.
This summer, we finally found perfect Gardenias and have got one each of them in Ko-rakuen - it's been our dream having the sweetly scented flowers in our gardens.
(June. 2006)

Honeysuckle@- was a house warming gift from Yuko, now covering my east side fence.
See a little vine wreath as an window to see the outside world. (July.2006)

The garden in spring 2007 with Cyclamens and Pansies. (Apr. 2007)

Perennials - Left: Cirsium (Azami)
Right: Digitalis (May. 2007)

Left: Lavender / This shrub is one of the oldest plants in my garden. Difficult to bereave now that the garden was completely empty when I planted it. (May. 2007)
Right: Chamomile (May. 2007)

Left: Jonquil (Mar. 2007)
Right: Jasmine (Aug. 2006)

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