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Left: Sedum garden (June. 2007)
Right: Baby's tears (May. 2006)

Ornamental cabbage^
Sorry about that they aren't really "green" but they are beautyfull aren't they?
Ornamental cabbage is not only good for Japanese new year garden decoration but western style gardens. Their yellow flowers bloom in spring are also quite lovely. (Feb. 2007)


Left: Silver Dollar Gum (Argyle Apple) /
@@All Australian friends who visited my place
warned me that the tree will be too big for the garden.
According to a book of native plants AUS,
it grows rapidly to about 20 meters! (May. 2007)
Right: The new green leaves in early spring. (Mar.2007)

A topiary of something (sorry, I forgot the name).
It lost it's "head" by accident ones (it was very next day I bought it!)
but luckily grew back. (May. 2007)

Left: Holly (May. 2006)
Right: Ivy correction (May. 2006)

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