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Local Wild Birds in the Garden

We've got new company - local wild birds - since I made a pond in the garden.
They visit us almost everyday, eat my treat and take bath then leave.
Drinking a cup of coffee with them in mornings is my new thing.

Left: Japanese White-eye (Japanese name / Mejiro)
Right: A lovely couple of White-eye. ALL bird-visitors are NEVER alone! They are probably only creature good at marriage on the planet.
@(Dec. 2006)

Left & Right: Brown-eared Bulbul (Japanese name / Hiyodori)
Pretty big and territorial bird - every time they get a tangerine
(witch they are crazy about) they never leave the garden until they finish and attack whatever get close to it. (Dec. 2006)

Left: A pair of pigeon - nesting on my wisteria pergola. (Oct. 2006)
Right: Varied tit (Japanese name / Yamagara) (Dec. 2006)

Pigeon Chicks
The pigeon couple (The photo from 2006, above left) (maybe!) finally had
some eggs this summer and 2 chicks survived.
This "graduation" photo was taken few days before they left the nest.
They are still around. (Aug. 2008)

Coal Tit (Japanese name / Higara)
Very shy and quick bird. Took me ages to take this photo
iI've been putting my camera with BIG zoom lens
on my studio desk all the time lately,
to shoot the birds hanging around the garden pond).
(Mar. 2007)

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