Papa Meilland

My most favorite, the famous "Black Rose" Papa Meilland
- enormous dark red magnificently fragrant blooms. (May 2010)

Spanish Beauty

Large, soft pink flowers. Despite graceful, girly looking, she is pretty tuff.
Easily grown in shade areas. (May 2010)


Shockingly vivid coral pink flowers.
The color - darker pink - of old blooms is even more stunning.
(May 2006 ~ May 2007)

Pierre de Ronsard

One of the best loved climbers with lovely old fashioned looking
and its mass of blooms. The "peach like" buds are also charming. (May 2006)


(May 2010)


Large, sweet scented yellow flowers warmed by deep pink.(June 2006)

Tournament of Roses

This is my first bloom of Tournament of Roses in my (rain-soaked) garden.
Look at the FASCINATING soft coral pink-gradation! I wish I can paint like this.
Its enormous flowers, even better, with very long flowering.
(June 2006)

Rouge Meilland

Quite stunning rouge red flowers - remind us lady's well made up lips.
Jose Rouge Meilland, the character of Palm series,
named after this rose. (June 2006)


Watching this rose almost makes me cry.
The red part increases as blooms get older. (June 2008)

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